YCS Utrecht 2020: Overall Deck & Country Breakdown

22.02.2020 | 20:10 |
YCS Utrecht 2020 is a very special event, format-wise. There was no big event prior to this, so the metagame was very much undefined. Furthermore, there is no important event after this YCS. So, basically this event is a once in a lifetime chance. You get to play in a format that's more diverse and difficult than ever before.


Deck Breakdown Day 1


Wow, what a variety in Decks! I cannot remember a YCS where we ever had a bigger variety in Decks than this! Six Decks are going into this event almost on par. Roughly 200 Duelists are relying on SPYRAL or Salamangreat. Invoked Shaddoll is a little bit less represented than we expected prior to this event. On fourth place there is Lunalight in all of its variants. 170 Duelists chose to bring it to Utrecht. Last but not least we have to mention Altergeist and Dinosaur. 161 Duelists run Altergeist for this event. That's also less than expected since people thought it was the best Deck to out Shaddoll Winda. Dinosaurs is surprisingly strong. I guess nobody saw that coming. 141 Duelists brought this Deck to Utrecht.


Country Breakdown Day 1


Almost 1.000 German Duelists made it to YCS Utrecht. That's an amazing number! Numbers of Dutch Duelists are also very impressive: 368 Duelists showed up for the Main Event. In third place is France with almost 300 Duelists in competition. Honorable mention goes out to Austria with 29 Duelists in Utrecht!