YCS Utrecht 2020: Speed Duel Winner

23.02.2020 | 17:49 |

We have our Speed Duel Winner of YCS Utrecht 2020! It is Carlos Kretschmer from Germany. He picked up Speed Dueling, because he wasn’t happy with how the TCG developed.



Name: Carlos Kretschmer
Age: 37
Country: Germany
How do you feel right now? Great! Never had a huge prize like this.
What Deck did play today? Speed Duel Warrior-Moth! I don’t like to play stall Decks. On the contrary, I prefer to play aggressive Decks and that’s what this Deck does: beatdown!
How do you like Speed Duel? I like it a lot. I don’t like how the regular TCG developed. Speed Duel suits me a lot better.
How do you feel about the Public Events in general? I like them. Unfortunately, Speed Duel has too little support. I wish there were more events like this.
Any last words? Shoutouts to Dominik Scherer. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be here with me, because he had to work.