YCS Utrecht 2020: Venue Lookaround

22.02.2020 | 22:30 |
Day 1 of YCS Utrecht 2020 is in the books! We had more than 2.200 Duelists enter the Main Event and after 9 Rounds of Swiss 3 Duelists remain undefeated. All of them are in a great position for tomorrow to proceed to the top cut. Tomorrow we will have all players with 18 points or higher return to play 3 more Rounds of Swiss before we cut to Top 64. In the course of Day 2 Public Events are becoming increasingly popular. We will be hosting a lot of Public Events and the Dragon Duel tomorrow. So, even if you dropped out of the Main Event you still have a chance to keep on playing and enjoy yourself. This is it with out coverage for Day 1 of YCS Utrecht 2020. Hope you enjoyed it! We won’t sign out without some impressions from Saturday.