Young Duelist from Paris wins Dragon Duel

17.04.2011 | 16:22 |

Guillaume Messak is the Dragon Duel winner at the YCS in Paris!
The youngster did not have a long journey since he lives in Paris with his family and friends who were with him to celebrate his success. Only 10 years old, he successfully played the 5 rounds in the Dragon Duel and proved a worthy winner. Guillaume plays a Blackwing Deck in which his favourite card is Blackwing Armed Wing.
Astonishingly, Guillaume has only played Yu-Gi-Oh! for six months when a friend showed and taught him the game. Apparently, he had a good teacher and he will now continue Duelling.

The Top 4 of the Dragon Duel at YCS Paris

10 year old Guillaume Messak proudly showing his 1st place's prizes