Yu-Gi-Oh! merchandise at YCS Berlin!

23.02.2014 | 14:47 |
The Konami "booster station" has been busy all weekend, as people aim to get their hands on Legacy of the Valiant boosters and other recent products. However, that's not the only reason people have been checking out the store, as YCS Berlin plays host to some new Yu-Gi-Oh! merchandise for the first time! Let's take a look at what's on offer!

We have a wide range of merchandise available today.

It's the Dark Magician!

There are multiple pin sets to collect too.

As Yugi's signature monster, these Dark Magician pins are sure to be popular.

Dark Magician Girl pins are also available.

4 classic monsters all in one set!

Dog Tags and KeyChains are also available.

The Dark Magician shirts come in all sizes.

All of this fabulous merchandise has been provided by our partners at NECA. If you missed out on picking up these items here at the YCS don't worry, you can pick them up at future events or via the Loud Clothing website!