Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG and Germany – A Great Partnership

28.06.2013 | 15:12 |

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Germany makes for a great ygo Premier Event location. Our first ever European Championship was held in Bochum, with 240 of the continent’s elite competing. Seven years on, we’re back.


YCS Bochum 2013 holds the European attendance record!

In 2006 we witnessed for the first time what it was like to get Europe’s best Duelists in a room competing for the ultimate prize: a trip to the World Championship, representing your nation. Your name up in lights, your whole country – your whole continent, at home cheering you on. Watching the progress of the European Championships from that year, through the transition to the current [ec13], is a somewhat full-circle experience.

We’ve had European Champions from a huge variety of countries. Dutch competitor Vincent Wielandt took the first title, with Italy, Greece, Spain, and of course Germany proudly presenting winners since. When 240 players arrived in Bochum seven years ago, it was one of the newest and most exciting prospects in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: a European Premier Event. These days, of course, we would consider that a small-scale event. Especially when you consider the number of participants at more recent events held in Germany:

YCS Bochum 2010: 1286

YCS Leipzig 2012: 1140

YCS Bochum 2013: 1455

As you can see, Germany continues to raise the bar time and time again, with YCS Bochum 2013 the largest European Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG event ever. It ended the only way it could: in dramatic fashion. Reigning European Champion Stefano Memoli was pipped to his first YCS title by home-grown hero Alpay Engin.

YCS Leipzig was held in the same venue as this year's German National Championship.

This weekend promises more commitment, competition and glory than we’ve ever seen before. Registration opened at midday today and Duelists are still streaming through the door to grab the opportunity to head to brights lights big city: Las Vegas for the World Championship 2013. It will, no doubt, “all come down to this” at the end of the weekend when two Duelists leave it all on the field in front of their peers: only one will be victorious.

Before then – we must begin the Swiss rounds to determine the top cut. Only the strong, the skilled and the prepared will make it. Countries will battle with pride on the line: Germany and Italy are tied with two European Championships each – both will be looking to nudge the other out of the way. Spain knocked Italy out of the Confederations Cup last night – surely Italian Duelists aren’t willing to let that go. Countries with no European Championships under their belt will be pulling out all the stops to make their mark on the history of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

Can Germany do it again and break the attendance record? Only time will tell. Check back tomorrow for the number of the day!