Yu-Gi-Oh! with handicaps – part 2

Lukas Zelesinski is one of only 3 players that has his very own table! You could say he’s special, but you would have no idea how far you’re from the truth. Lukas is bound to a wheelchair which provides him with a unique challenge to do the same things that come naturally for all the other players in the venue.

He’s currently sitting on a 4 – 2 record, so he still has the chance to make day 2. Unfortunately, he started with the two losses, but we’ve seen other players before him losing the first matches only to start a huge winning streak!


Lukas Zelinski has his very own table!
Lukas Zelinski has his very own table!


Lukas first claimed he’s playing a “fun deck”, but further inquiry brought up that he’s piloting Gladiator Beasts through the tournament. He corrected himself and said it’s rather competitive, in fact, it’s so competitive that it spoils the fun for most of his opponents!

He likes Yu-Gi-Oh! for the following reasons:

  • You meet a lot of cool people!
  • You’re constantly facing people that underestimate yourself and there’s nothing as great as proving them wrong!
  • The game is fast, fun and exciting!

He wants to send greetings to all Yu-Gi-Oh! players out there! “Everyone who has a handicap should try everything to overcome it and show up at bigger events! You receive great support from the officials and they will make it easy for you to have a ton of fun!”


Thomas Petschina


You might have seen Thomas Petschina at the European Championship in Birmingham already. He had to take a 3 day (!) car ride to make it to Birmingham, but he was qualified and absolutely “had to play!”

He’s from Vienna, directly from “the Kaiserhof”. This time, it took him 10 hours to get to the venue, but he likes the experience of playing in the major events and does whatever it takes to attend them. Currently, Thomas is sitting on a 5 – 1 record, giving him some great odds to make it to day 2 or even the knock out portion of the event.

I asked him if the thought that his handicap would work “to his advantage”, that opponents underestimate him. He wasn’t sure and said he’s not trying to force it, but a lot of players simply think that he’s not as competitive as other players. It’s not his “mission” to show that you shouldn’t draw conclusion of the appearance of somebody, a very good advice that not only works in Yu-Gi-Oh!, but in life generally.


Thomas Petschina traveled all the way from Vienna!
Thomas Petschina traveled all the way from Vienna!


Thomas wants to study, but he says it’s all a little difficult. It’s hard for him to get to the city center in time to show up for the lectures. But he’s sure he’ll find a way and study physics. He definitely has the right spirit and we can only wish him all the best!

If there’s one thing you can and should learn from this article, it’s that you shouldn’t judge people on their appearance. Stereotypes are bad, no matter what we’re talking about. Yu-Gi-Oh! is giving EVERYONE the same chances, so don’t think you’re in a favorable position, just because your opponent is sitting in a different chair.

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